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Easter Island 2/2

Location: EASTER ISLAND, Chile

Some More Pictures

The Really nice dutch couple that we spent the 3 days with and rented a car with.

Some more of the Quarry

Me with some strange thing on my head, and forgive me if im wrong Jortz and Nika. My appoligies if im wrong.

hey look its a reece moai,

This was the nicest moai platform, right on the beach, very tropical.

This is where the locals hang out, the or one of the only beaches.

We were actualy told that there was a moai up there some where, we couldnt find it. Must have been on top of the hill that the car wouldnt make up.

4x4 Easter Island Style, i dont think that we were ment to take the turn on the left.

Map of Easter Island

Sun set, Moai beach

Yay, we got up graded to Buisness class, and hence the Plates etc, we got a metal fork taken off us at the airport, funny thing is when you fly buisness class you get metal cutlery...???

Us with Angelica, how she passed security and got into the airport is still unknown, we were about to board the plane.