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La Paz 1/2

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Some Shots of the highest capital city in the world. 3800m above sea level.

Independence day celebrations with the High ups.

La Paz for above

And some More.

More Picīs

When you want cheap, tidy electrical work,,, call apon the bolivans, ps. thats not me at the bottom, i havent aged that much.

Some of the many markets.

More Vally of the Moon

Vally of the Moon

Quad bike riding my style, i had to wait to get this beauty, also the ground was slippery and dusty and the back tyres had not tread so it was fun. Thats 400cc of power slides, how fun.

Quad bike riding bolivian style

When we finaly made it to the zoo we got to see a macaw, yay.

They couldnt believe the burnout i was doing.