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Worlds Most Dangerous Road

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Some Picture of our great and 100% Safe Day.

7 Aug 2006, 10:44PM

At the Top, having the briefing

7 Aug 2006, 8:04AM

Gravity Assisted Tours, Highly Recommended

7 Aug 2006, 11:12PM

Guess who?

7 Aug 2006, 10:45PM

Unloading the bikes

8 Aug 2006, 12:51AM

Some of the Up Hill, at 4200m high, i sounded like a steam train

7 Aug 2006, 11:18PM

Great bike, and Rider

8 Aug 2006, 2:35AM

Some picīs of the road

8 Aug 2006, 1:20AM

The start of the Worlds most dangerous road.

8 Aug 2006, 2:41AM

Loads of room, as you can see

8 Aug 2006, 2:36AM

It goes down as much as it goes up.

8 Aug 2006, 5:23AM

Its a long way down...

8 Aug 2006, 2:50AM

Pit Stop.