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Copacobana & Floating islands.

Location: Copacobana and Floating Is., Peru

Some photo´s of our trip to Copacobana and the floating islands.

10 Aug 2006, 2:43AM

A very small section of the lake, very small.

10 Aug 2006, 2:22AM

The bus that we were traveling over on, getting a lift across lake (lago) Titicaca

11 Aug 2006, 12:18AM

This is the view you get of the lake from at least 4000m, note we were actualy looking for the museum, but it was closed. By the end, the view made it worth it. Also all those terresing you see was from the inca´s hundreds of years ago..

10 Aug 2006, 4:41AM

Copacobana the town, near the lake, we stayed over night here. The festival had just finished a few days before we got there so the locals were letting them off every hour or so.

11 Aug 2006, 7:36AM

The floating islands, very cool.

11 Aug 2006, 12:45AM

They grow medicinal plants on the islands now.

11 Aug 2006, 8:06AM

Everyone jumped into the reed boat, we took the real boat accross.

11 Aug 2006, 7:50AM

The new with the old.

11 Aug 2006, 8:14AM

This thing was in the museum, and dead, thank god.

11 Aug 2006, 8:07AM

The head of the reed boat, note those are tops of bottles for the eyes.