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Inca Trail 2/2

Location: Cuszo (inca Trail), Peru

Some more Pictures.

15 Aug 2006, 12:09AM

The ladies carry drinks and snacks every day at least 1 hour from their houses.

15 Aug 2006, 12:06AM

One of the guys i was walking with (steve), convinced me that i would not be able to carry his pack up dead womans path, the highest, steepest, hardest part, being as gullable as i am, i took him on, and i won, obviously.

15 Aug 2006, 1:18AM

On the top of dead womans pass, very relieved.

15 Aug 2006, 1:16AM

Thats 4215 Meters Above Sea Level.

15 Aug 2006, 4:55AM

One of the many awsome views.

15 Aug 2006, 1:52AM

Heading down the other side, this was one of those, how did i get my self into this, moment.

15 Aug 2006, 6:34AM

The trail..

16 Aug 2006, 12:33AM

Another Group photo, without me, i was at the bottom (was trying to keep up with the porters).

15 Aug 2006, 9:52PM

Camp site for the 2nd night.

15 Aug 2006, 7:59AM

One of the ruins, sunshine through the clouds.

16 Aug 2006, 12:33AM

Our very helpful and knowlegeble guide, Vidal

16 Aug 2006, 12:29AM

The cloud forest.