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Machu Picchu 1/2

Location: Aguas Callientes, Peru

Here are some photo´s of our final destination of the Inca Trail

16 Aug 2006, 9:57PM

Machu Picchu, around 7:30am

16 Aug 2006, 9:41PM

Finaly, a decent picture of dad

17 Aug 2006, 12:14AM

Some of the locals between the cracks.

16 Aug 2006, 10:04PM

A very relieved picture

17 Aug 2006, 1:09AM

Picture says 1000 words

17 Aug 2006, 12:56AM

Another of the Locals...

17 Aug 2006, 1:58AM

More localsīs, nice place to live..

17 Aug 2006, 1:31AM

This is the quarry where the incaīs carved all the rock from.

17 Aug 2006, 2:30AM

Looking down towards the Train Station.

17 Aug 2006, 2:28AM

This is how they found the mummy when they discovered Machu Picchu.

17 Aug 2006, 2:31AM

Some of the re-constructed houses..

17 Aug 2006, 2:31AM

Farming Terraces...