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Machu Picchu 2/2

Location: Aguas Callientes, Peru

Some more, and some of day 2.

18 Aug 2006, 12:38AM

This is when we returned the second day, We were eairly so we could beat the croud to walk up the mountain behing Machu Picchu called, Wana-picchu or something.

17 Aug 2006, 3:23AM

One of the Local flowers..

18 Aug 2006, 1:30AM

You can see the trail leading up..

18 Aug 2006, 12:39AM

Wana-picchu from Machu Picchu, note that they had farming land and temples all the way up there.

18 Aug 2006, 2:33AM

Another father son photo of achievement.

18 Aug 2006, 2:05AM

Machu Picchu from the top.

18 Aug 2006, 3:05AM

The way doen, the steps were so steep and small, even with your foot side ways a bit was still hanging over.

18 Aug 2006, 2:58AM

From the top, a sunshine window, the inca´s were always praying to the sun, mountains and water.

18 Aug 2006, 2:01AM

Just showing some of the mountains around Machu Picchu.

18 Aug 2006, 3:57AM

At the bottom again, you cant see clearly but the inca´s carved this stone to the mountain behing, some of the clouds are covering the top.

18 Aug 2006, 2:04AM

Why, why would you build a little town on top of a mountain when you have all that flat land on the bottom, Why!!!

18 Aug 2006, 2:01AM

Thats the bus route if you took the lazy way. Also where the land slide was to the up right hand corner (looks like a road) thats where the sun gate is when we first arrived. And Dead womans pass right in the mountains to the back.