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Amazon 1/3

Location: Amamzon Basin, Peru

Some pictures of the first clay lick and some of the larger one.

23 Aug 2006, 1:13AM

The jungle from the boat.

23 Aug 2006, 12:44AM

Heading off to the lodge.

23 Aug 2006, 2:06AM

One of the miner boats, they live and work off these things.

23 Aug 2006, 1:22AM

Localīs washing and drying there cloths on the rocks.

23 Aug 2006, 2:18AM

The Sharman with this Iowaska and our guide explaining (Josie)

23 Aug 2006, 2:13AM

Butterflies on the shore side.

23 Aug 2006, 4:31AM

Happy dad.

23 Aug 2006, 4:29AM

The boat, Note the 44 gallon drum in the back, that was our fuel tank.

23 Aug 2006, 4:55AM

The first Clay Lick, Green wing Macaws.

23 Aug 2006, 4:52AM

The largest Rodents in the world, weighing upto 55kg, cousin of the Guinea Pig.

23 Aug 2006, 5:10AM

View from our boat, looks like a scene from Anaconda the movie.

23 Aug 2006, 4:59AM

Green Winged Macaws. 2nd largest macaws.