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Amazon 2/3

Location: Amazon, Peru

Some pictures of the lodges, and our nature walk along with the clay lick.

23 Aug 2006, 7:30AM

They have Hammocks, yay!

23 Aug 2006, 7:12AM

Wasai Lodge. Our home for the next 2 nights.

23 Aug 2006, 7:45AM

They view from the river side.

23 Aug 2006, 7:30AM

All seperate house thingies.

23 Aug 2006, 8:59AM

Those yello circles on its head light up at night to attract the opposite sex, like a fire fly.

23 Aug 2006, 8:53AM

Little tree frog.

23 Aug 2006, 9:10PM


23 Aug 2006, 9:03PM

Sun Rise, heading up to the large lick.

23 Aug 2006, 9:44PM

Active: Dusky headed, amazons and green winged parrots.

23 Aug 2006, 9:34PM

The lick, un active

24 Aug 2006, 12:18AM

I counted 87 in this photo. Mainily Scarlets and Green Winged macaws, although i did see some blue and golds.

24 Aug 2006, 12:15AM

Then after 1 or so hours the macaws finaly came down.