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Amazon 3/3

Location: Amazon, Peru


24 Aug 2006, 12:24AM

They took ages to come down, then something would spook them and they would all fly away again.

23 Aug 2006, 9:55PM

More Macaws in the tree.

24 Aug 2006, 7:53AM

Another Larger Tree, very large Kapok tree.

24 Aug 2006, 7:23AM

One of the Massive tree´s, home to spiders on the bottom, macaws and bats higher up.

24 Aug 2006, 8:08AM

The Canopy.

24 Aug 2006, 7:57AM

Brightly coloured Fungi

24 Aug 2006, 8:29AM

The path into the jungle, also note the fire fly in the middle if the picture.

24 Aug 2006, 8:10AM

Checking out a fire fly.

24 Aug 2006, 9:21PM

Our reliable boat, note the size of the fuel tank.

24 Aug 2006, 9:21PM

Our last sun set before heading back to Cuzco.

24 Aug 2006, 11:13PM

Awaiting the local taxi, crops and all.

24 Aug 2006, 10:40PM

Hehe, the local water taxi. People use the taxi´s to take their produce to the markets.