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Colca Canyon 2/2

Location: Colca Canyon, Peru

Some more pic's of the canyon ect...

28 Aug 2006, 11:52PM

My view spot for the condors.

28 Aug 2006, 11:45PM

Shot down towards the canyon...

29 Aug 2006, 2:05AM

Aqua Duct, these things come down from the mountain and go for ages...

29 Aug 2006, 12:30AM

Nature shot, by Reece.

29 Aug 2006, 6:18AM

Mt Misty, they have found several frozen mummies on the top.

29 Aug 2006, 5:14AM

Frozen water, dries up each day, freezes again in the morning..

29 Aug 2006, 6:23AM

Like mother, like daughter..