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Location: Arequipa, Peru

Some shots of Arequipa the town ect...

30 Aug 2006, 4:21AM

Shot down to the main square, those are birds on the ground.

30 Aug 2006, 3:35AM

Singers like this just rock up to where you are having lunch, do a couple of songs, and move on to the next hotel.

30 Aug 2006, 4:20AM

Mt Misty between the two towers, birds flying between.

30 Aug 2006, 4:30AM

The kitchen where we had lunch.

30 Aug 2006, 5:29AM

30 Aug 2006, 5:09AM

30 Aug 2006, 5:39AM

30 Aug 2006, 5:36AM

A Map of the area, this place was massive, you needed it.

30 Aug 2006, 5:47AM

30 Aug 2006, 5:46AM

30 Aug 2006, 8:09AM

This is one of the guys that we met on the canyon tour (left), His cousin or second cousin is Sir Anthony Hopkins, this was a picture of a picture.

30 Aug 2006, 5:55AM

Lovely Gardens.