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Location: Nazca, Peru

Some scruffy shots of the lines and some of the skull's..

31 Aug 2006, 1:57AM

The first of the lines..

31 Aug 2006, 1:55AM

They look like run ways, but what for...

31 Aug 2006, 2:20AM

Nazca, i would say that its green on the ground, but, its not.

31 Aug 2006, 2:08AM

Up the top, the humming bird, these two are the only two you can make out anything, really.

31 Aug 2006, 8:08AM

Momias Aqui, Mommies This Way.

31 Aug 2006, 7:10AM

Aqua Ducts, a story in themselves.

31 Aug 2006, 7:57AM

A mommie with dreads, stylish..

31 Aug 2006, 7:56AM

We counted over 50 skulls.

31 Aug 2006, 7:59AM

These kids have mommies in their shed, what do you have in yours?

31 Aug 2006, 7:57AM

Baby, gasping for air, Buried alive.

31 Aug 2006, 1:46AM

The start of the nazca flight..

31 Aug 2006, 8:03AM

The really should be in a museum..