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Huacachina 1/2

Location: Huacachina, Peru

Cats, Birds, weird signs and thats how this oasis was formed.

3 Sep 2006, 7:44AM

Nature shot of the yellow headed amazon, by dad.

1 Sep 2006, 6:43AM

This guy walked onto the bus and sat next to me with a box that had a paw hanging out and an eye looking back at me, over our 2 hour bus ride we established that he was not going to eat them (2 kittens)

1 Sep 2006, 8:38AM

And this is an unknow spiecies to Reece, now theres a first, Jade can you please help me out...

1 Sep 2006, 8:35AM

I sat down and felt something climb up my leg, i was glad that they did not have pet spiders or anything...

3 Sep 2006, 8:11AM

Nature shot, by Reece, he managed to get this by opening up a container on the table while the owners were swimming.

3 Sep 2006, 7:42AM

What a pretty boy, and the birds good looking to.

1 Sep 2006, 1:07PM

Sign says it all.

3 Sep 2006, 9:19AM

Dad whith a Blue and Gold Macaw,

2 Sep 2006, 1:54AM

Some of the stuff for sale..

2 Sep 2006, 1:52AM

Pic of the oasis with the dunes in the background...

3 Sep 2006, 9:55AM

The other oasis, our hotel, by night.

3 Sep 2006, 8:55AM

Its a long way to the top, approx. 20mins to get to the top and about 20 sec's down. Dad has some painful video of me sandboarding.