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Huacachina 2/2

Location: Huacachina, Peru

Some more...

2 Sep 2006, 7:39AM

Looking out to a world of speed and tire marks.

2 Sep 2006, 7:39AM

The buggy driver...

2 Sep 2006, 7:46AM

I didnt get to drive this one, damn.

2 Sep 2006, 7:45AM

Before we hit the dunes, physicaly.

2 Sep 2006, 8:15AM

The dunes beyond.

2 Sep 2006, 7:49AM

Dad mucking round.

2 Sep 2006, 8:28AM

I did it standing, but i'm still getting the sand out of my hair.

2 Sep 2006, 8:28AM

Hehe, this was fun,

2 Sep 2006, 9:14AM


2 Sep 2006, 8:48AM

Sun set, dune buggy style.