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Location: Pensacola, USA

6 Sep 2006, 1:56AM

Freeway systems, huh, Miami, Florida, by Plane.

5 Sep 2006, 11:37PM

Enough yellow cabs?

7 Sep 2006, 2:06AM

I wated to get a picture near a bus, a real american bus.

6 Sep 2006, 4:17AM

Dallas City, by air.

7 Sep 2006, 7:35AM

Ruffels Mudgee Blue (Ruffy)

7 Sep 2006, 7:12AM

Told you his house was close to the water. The pier also holds their boat as seen it the picture.

8 Sep 2006, 3:50AM

Me just cruising in my 20 million dollar jet.

7 Sep 2006, 11:25AM

As i promised, the line up of NFL players.

9 Sep 2006, 2:35AM

Captain Michael.

8 Sep 2006, 3:51AM

Dad teaching kale all he knows about planes, the talk was over shortly after the picture was taken.

9 Sep 2006, 2:41AM

Looking back to the pier and their houses behind.

9 Sep 2006, 2:35AM

Talking, as usual.