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Vancouver & Vancouver Is (Vic)

Location: Vancouver and Victoria, Canada

Vancouver and Vancouver Is city victoria.

10 Sep 2006, 9:41AM

Bling Bling Hurse, the rims have crosses on them.

10 Sep 2006, 5:06AM

Looking out from our interesting flight from Dallas (Texas) to Vancouver, this was Vancouver.

11 Sep 2006, 4:31AM

Looking out into Vancouver Harbour with plane in mid-air.

11 Sep 2006, 1:50AM

One of the Back streets..

11 Sep 2006, 5:15AM

Our Mountain bike ride through the national park, who needs roads.

11 Sep 2006, 4:07AM

Time for some exploring around Vancouver

11 Sep 2006, 9:22AM

The Plane we took to Vancouver Island.

11 Sep 2006, 5:45AM

The evil squirel..

11 Sep 2006, 9:36AM

Vancouver City.

11 Sep 2006, 9:25AM

Trace, looking very happy.

11 Sep 2006, 10:03AM

The Empress, lovely.

11 Sep 2006, 9:53AM

Private Island with Golf Course anyone?