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Location: NYC-Manhattan, USA


Our Dorm.

Flying in, perfect picture by Reece.

21 Sep 2006, 5:02AM

The sign says it all.

Times Square by day, more brilliant by night, will upload some panorama's hopefully one of this place, amazing.

21 Sep 2006, 2:22AM

This building is the _________, yep you guessed it, the Empire State. Duh!

21 Sep 2006, 1:59AM

Just one of the many Massive tv screens in Times Square.

21 Sep 2006, 3:34AM

Looking back to Manhattan from Liberty Island.

21 Sep 2006, 3:18AM

The 2 most famous streets in Manhattan, i was going to get my photo under it but i like living.

21 Sep 2006, 4:10AM

Great Shot, Liberty Island and Manhattan island.

21 Sep 2006, 4:09AM

This is the __________.... Send your answer, your bank account details and your home address to this number.

21 Sep 2006, 6:58AM

One of (many) the Police officers

21 Sep 2006, 5:55AM

People who left for the us in search of freedom....