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New York City 2/2

Location: Manhattan, New York., USA

photo's Duh!!!!..

21 Sep 2006, 1:01PM

Party bike, everyone pedels and it looks fun. per block per person.

21 Sep 2006, 1:17PM

Largest macca's in the world, love the Broadway sign.

22 Sep 2006, 1:56AM

One of the lawns.

22 Sep 2006, 1:53AM

Central park Fountain.

22 Sep 2006, 2:48AM

This is a phone to call the cops, ambulance or the fire engine's, great, they make you feel safe.

22 Sep 2006, 2:42AM

lawn will be open from 9am to Dusk, its the first lawn that i have ever had to check what time i'm entering.

23 Sep 2006, 4:43AM

Concorde, we got to walk inside, yeh. the museum is now closed for renovations for 2 years, we just made it.

22 Sep 2006, 5:40AM

Making of a Movie in downtown Manhattan.

23 Sep 2006, 9:13AM

Times Square, From Empire State Building, thats where all our power is going.

23 Sep 2006, 8:36AM

Chrysler building from the Empire State Building.

Police Bikes lined up in front of the Hilton Hotel.

Me in Time Square.