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The Hawkes

Location: England

These are pictures I have taken today. Um, I guess you will find out about them under their captions, huh?

9 Sep 2004, 12:06AM

This would be Janie's "car". Definitely European!

9 Sep 2004, 12:06AM

This is Chris and Janie's house, basically all of it. I had to go on the neighbors driveway to get that much!

8 Sep 2004, 2:13PM

This is the view from my bedroom window. Oh, the window's don't have screens! The neighbors across the fence have a dog and the ones behind them have a HUGE brownish/black dog!

8 Sep 2004, 2:12PM

This would be my bedroom! The monkey looks a little out of place but it is all good!

8 Sep 2004, 9:30PM

This is a picture of Brooke that I took this afternoon while babysitting her while she was watching the "Tweenies".

9 Sep 2004, 12:03AM

Here it is! The evil toilet! I couldn't not take a picture of it!

9 Sep 2004, 4:25PM

Awe . . . I took this picture 4 minutes ago of Brooke taking her nap with Bella, Fizz and the bear I gave her. She's adorable!

9 Sep 2004, 12:05AM

This one is for Delten and Jared. This is the view from the front door! Deej, you said I needed to know someone with a Mini, I don't know who they are but they live across the street!

9 Sep 2004, 9:34PM

Megan loves getting her picture taken!

9 Sep 2004, 7:33PM

The inside of Janie's car! I really need to get a card instead of key, and you just need to press start! Nifty!

9 Sep 2004, 9:50PM

Brooke is a sweetie!

9 Sep 2004, 9:49PM

You can see almost all the way down her throat! Or, not quite!