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the Roman Town of Bath

Location: Bath, UK

Here we have some pics of us at the Original Roman Bath's in Bath. We were told that we couldn't touch or drink, because they still not sure what's in the water... but was very exciting...

Denver at the river in Bath

This is me in the High Road of Bath...

I was really taken back by the brickwork on the buildings in Bath town centre... This is a church..

On close up the historic buildings in baths

Me at the main entrance to the Roman Baths...

The front entrance to the church... It was closed unfortunately...

Me enjoying myself

One of the Main baths the romans used to bath in... The water had steam coming out of it...was awesome!

The reason for this pic again as before was the buildings in the background...

me between two statues at the roman baths

Denver between Statues of romans.

The head church in the town of Bath