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Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

After looking in almost every car yard, I narrowed it down to 2 choices. A Hummer or an Audi. I decided to go with a bit of style as the Hummer was one of the worst things I have ever driven.

I went a bit overboard but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I had a huge dilemma over whether to keep the red wing mirrors (the Audi dealer brought this model especially p*mped out from Germany - the coloured mirrors are used in car racing so you can tell who is behind you).

I was kind of serious in getting this as a 4x4 but Arnie talked me out of it. I'm glad I didn't get it after all. I'm in a Hummer H3. When we test drove it we nearly got stuck in peak hour traffic on one of the bridges - the showroom conveniently gave it to us with no petrol!

Even Arnie is head over heels wth it. There's 250 Black Beauties under this bonnet. For the enthusiasts, it's an Audi A6 3.2L Quattro, lowered with a sports undercarriage and 19" wheels and spacers (this is how it sounded when the sales manager described it to me before I saw it) - by the way, I'm referring to the car not Arnie.

Miriam and Dean took this shot of the car as they zoomed past us on the way back from Hatta.

Keep smiling!

This is Arnie's Black Beauty ... a Subaru Outback.

Our trusty Honda Civic rental car. We had this for two months while we looked around for permanent wheels.

I was considering this but the air conditioning wasn't as good. However, this cart is powered by a 350BHP engine and does 0-100Km/h in 3.6 seconds. Really.

What's the point of having leather seats?

This is what a lot of people like to do to their cars - cover the seats in plastic. Even people with brand spanking new Range Rovers and BMWs etc do it.