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Location: Hatta, United Arab Emirates

One weekend we decided to go for a day trip to Hatta with our friends Miriam and Dean. Hatta city is about the size of, say, Waihi. Hatta is about 1.5 hours' drive from Dubai.

Something fishy was going on at the resort.

We went to lunch at the one and only resort in Hatta.

Ed and Dean in the same pose as the girls.

Annika and Miriam at the resort gates.

So much to choose from (so much we didn't buy anything).

On the way to Hatta you can buy clay pots, ornaments, rugs etc.

Check out that power pole. It's being held up by a clay pot. They certainly make them strong.

Miriam and Dean didn't buy anything either.

Eyes on the road Deano.

Anyone for a clay mosque?

Is this the moon or the sun? It's the sun - blindingly bright.

A random strip of shops on the way to Hatta. This is what I call the "real Middle East".