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Our House - Before

Location: Our house, United Arab Emirates

We live in a rented villa (i.e. townhouse) about 5 minutes from the Dubai CBD (if you can call it that). It is quite central to everything. The villa is in a complex of 22 villas. These are the pictures of the house before we moved in.

Stairs to upstairs (where else?) and a door to the kitchen.

The main living area.

The kitchen.

The main living area from the stairs.

Our sandpit at the back!

Upstairs. Photo taken from the smaller living area. Master bedroom to the right, guest bedroom the next door up and a bedroom-come-office at the top.

Unpacking sucks!

A few months later our stuff arrived from NZ.

The kitchen looking a bit more like one.

103 boxes...

... and half paved.

Our sandpit has been half grassed...