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Location: Egypt

9 Sep 2006, 6:50PM

Life along the Nile

9 Sep 2006, 2:05AM

The View from the Roof top Cafe at our hotel in Cairo

10 Sep 2006, 2:46PM

View of Cairo from the Citadel

10 Sep 2006, 11:05AM

We made it!

13 Sep 2006, 8:37AM

Are you happy?

12 Sep 2006, 12:35PM

Mohamed haggling for dried blow fish in Alexandria

17 Sep 2006, 7:17AM

The Valley of the Kings

I spy with my little eye something beginning with S?

18 Sep 2006, 8:29PM

A blanket snake often found in our cabin! Fortunately not deadly

18 Sep 2006, 11:56AM

Date trees along the Nile

Camel transport