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Location: Indian Subcontinent

My strategy is, use it backwards, better ability to aim! (yes i did say that)

7 Jan 2005, 2:55PM

Cows are relaxed and not bothered by humans

29 Sep 2006, 10:23PM

An electricians nightmare, and this is a simple looking mess

7 Jan 2005, 5:59PM

Ooty a beautiful tea plantation town,, 36 hairpin bends up the mountain to get to it

1 Oct 2006, 6:22PM

The Ghats on the Ganges River at Varanasi

29 Sep 2006, 10:28PM

Traffic in India. Ready steady.......go

6 Oct 2006, 4:33AM

Children came to study us in Chanderi

1 Oct 2006, 6:01PM

Sunrise over the Ganges

India can be beautiful at times

5 Oct 2006, 3:18AM

All natural coloured dyes

The Taj. Yes, we are posing.