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GC Indy Weekend

Location: GC!, Australia

When I got off the plane and saw my sister, I said, "Stop! It's going to fast already!" First see my god daughter, Peyton. Then girls night out. Then a flight back home. Devastatingly fast :-(

Hudson - dazed and confused

Hawaiian Peyton

Me and the bubba. So tiny!!!

Mum- what a gem. She's so Beautiful!!

Out for dinner with the ladies!


Sally and Bianca. Sexy ladies!

Sally, Bianca and I at Berlin. (sorry Julia, Melba's didn't cut it on Indy- FERAL)

When Jordan (Her three year old sister) took this pic she looked at it and said really loudly "HAHA Peyton you're so ugly!" Great for the ego, huh Peyton? That's what big sisters are for.