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Australia II

Location: Australia

1 Apr 2005, 4:20PM

Stirling Ranges

23 Mar 2005, 3:22PM

Big Crayfish

5 Apr 2005, 4:35PM

At Peacetree Estate Winery with Amanda and Alena

2 Apr 2005, 6:50PM

From the top of The Gloucester Tree

15 Apr 2005, 11:58AM

Vinnie & Lisa, my fantastic hosts in Perth. Congratulations! Olivia was born 30th April

11 Apr 2005, 6:39PM

Amanda with Ruby, Chelsea and Matilda Kawiti

18 Apr 2005, 5:37PM

Local wildlife

17 Apr 2005, 8:13AM


30 Apr 2005, 3:32PM

Hervey Bay

21 Apr 2005, 11:30PM

A drink or two with Jo

30 Apr 2005, 6:55PM

Barb & Alison, my dinner hosts before I moved onto Airlie beach. Thanks ladies!

28 Apr 2005, 8:43PM

The Whitsundays Crew