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Ice skating & Starvation Gulch

Location: Fairbanks, AK, USA

More pics taken a few weeks ago.

Me and George.

Kari, George and Mitch.

Being pulled along by Paul and Mitch - great fun,though I fell down and really bruised my knee!

Kari ice-skating - she's really good.

I actually managed to stand on one leg only! (wouldn't have managed to without Paul though).

We had a good laugh.

(clocwise from front): Michelle, Paul, George, Mitch, Ryan, Mark, Kari and Eric.

Paul and Kari.

Juggling with fire - I love this picture.

Bonfire at the Starvation Gulch.

Another bonfire - there were about 5/6 of them.

1 Oct 2006, 8:43AM

Me and Katie - and Mark behind us.