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Snow and sunsets!

Location: Fairbanks, AK, USA

A few shots of the snow on campus, of a beautiful sunset, and a couple taken at Club Wood, this dance that was held a few weekends ago.

25 Oct 2006, 2:06AM

Snow! The campus is so pretty covered in white.

25 Oct 2006, 2:06AM

Picture of the library (left) and one of the lecture halls (right).

28 Oct 2006, 3:39AM

28 Oct 2006, 3:39AM

As I was leaving for dinner tonight at 5.30pm, I got a glimpse of the sunset, and had to run back to my room to grab my camera - couldn't miss taking some photos of such a beautiful sight!

Pic of me and Mitch at Club Wood, looking attractively sweaty - and pulling crazy faces just for fun.

28 Oct 2006, 3:41AM

26 Oct 2006, 7:44PM

Another pic of me and Kara, a friend of Mitch's and a lovely girl.