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Halloween Dance II

Location: Fairbanks, AK, USA

More pics taken at the Halloween dance.

29 Oct 2006, 12:37PM

Me and Jon, one of my RAs... He was originally dressed up in a beaver fur loin cloth, but he changed (his reason being that no one wanted to dance with him...!)

29 Oct 2006, 12:32PM

Me (obviously).

(l-r): Jake, Tyler and Jon (in the outfit I just described), 3 of the RAs in Lathrop, my dorm.

29 Oct 2006, 12:37PM

Again, pulling silly faces.

Crissy and Jessica, as Miss Alaska and a sailor - they live in Stevens with Kari.

Tyler and Cam, an RA in one of the other halls, dressed up as a woman after losing a bet!

I don't actually know these two, I just thought their costumes were great (they're gazelles).

Liz and Tyler, the two girl RAs in Lathrop.

Liuda and Dasha in their lovely dresses.

Draeger - I didn't take this pic, since he went to some other party outside of Fairbanks - I just liked the photo (isn't the cat cute!)

Me and Liuda.

Jen, Dasha, Liuda and me.