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Visits to Old North England

Location: Chester Le street, UK

These are photos we took while visiting places in Workington and in the Durham area, our oldhouses and points of particular interest to our family history.

27 Sep 2006, 12:36AM

Vee and KJ, guess where.

27 Sep 2006, 12:30AM

Mal and KJ outside of 5 Garth Road, Workington.

27 Sep 2006, 9:14PM

Vee walking towards the Angel of the North.

27 Sep 2006, 2:52AM

Vee and KJ main stret Keswick in Lake District.

27 Sep 2006, 9:19PM


27 Sep 2006, 9:16PM

KJ and Jean

27 Sep 2006, 10:11PM

Penshaw monment a favourite place of my Dad's.

27 Sep 2006, 9:20PM

Different aspects.

27 Sep 2006, 10:43PM

Grandad' and Grandma's grave.

27 Sep 2006, 10:11PM

He REALLY liked it :).

27 Sep 2006, 11:26PM

View from Wearside looking towards the viaduct.

27 Sep 2006, 11:12PM

Wearside boat-housenear (now non-existant) cottages where dad and family lived as he grew up.