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More of the trip, mostly in Br

Location: Rangiora, New Zealand

10 Oct 2006, 2:09AM

Bury Knowle House in Bury Knowle Park, Headington Oxford. I once got hit by a car running across the road outside here as a kid. (I survived)

10 Oct 2006, 1:00AM

Radcliffe Camera - Part of the Oxford University

12 Oct 2006, 11:07PM

Vee outside Jane Austin House (Author of Chick Lit I believe) in Bath.

12 Oct 2006, 10:42PM

Beautiful Bath and its Georgian Townhouses.

13 Oct 2006, 12:16AM

Vee in a REAL telephone box with a real telephone, in Bath of course.

12 Oct 2006, 11:46PM

One of the actual Roman baths. If you are quick and don't get seen at the back of the flash restaurant you can get a picture without having to pay the 10 pound to go inside.

13 Oct 2006, 3:53AM

The beach at Aberafan near Swansea. Our hotel is just behind the photographer's left shoulder.

13 Oct 2006, 1:06AM

Crossing the Severn Bridge.

15 Oct 2006, 9:45AM

Number one B&B in Oxford. The art is in the detailks. Tilbury Lodge.

13 Oct 2006, 11:08PM

Some dero outside the rugby club at The Mumbles South East Wales.

15 Oct 2006, 10:23PM

That bloke Tony's got the kid again.

15 Oct 2006, 10:21PM

The lovely Sarah and Evelyne with some boke outside the cottage at Appleton.