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Some pictures from our trip u

Location: Rangiora, New Zealand

We did a trip together from Chester Le Street where I was born, to Workington where we lived when I was around 4/5 years old and Mal was 8/9. We came back via Keswick in the Lake District where our parents would take us by train for picnics.

27 Sep 2006, 1:53AM

Travellers Rest at Working ton, venuefor a lucky stop. Great food and terrifc hospitality.

27 Sep 2006, 12:30AM

Brothers outside the old house on Garth Road at Workington.

27 Sep 2006, 3:12AM

Mal, Vicki and Vee at the lakefront, Keswick.

27 Sep 2006, 2:52AM

Vee and KJ at Keswick.

27 Sep 2006, 10:43PM

KJ at grandad's grave, the Arthur Jacques prior to his Dad.

27 Sep 2006, 10:24PM

KJ standing on Penshaw Monument, Durham.

28 Sep 2006, 1:00PM

Vicki trying to edge in on KJ and Vee.

28 Sep 2006, 10:29AM

Those shifty boys hanging around Garth Road still.

27 Sep 2006, 9:16PM

28 Sep 2006, 1:11PM

KJ, Vee, Vicki Keswick lakefront.

29 Sep 2006, 11:12AM

27 Sep 2006, 10:24PM