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Morocco & Portugal

Location: Portugal

Here´s a little glimpse of Morocco n Portugal, more of Portugal to come tho!

The souks at night, lots of hustle and bustle, but an awesome atmosphere

Me in Marrakech, i didnt hav the guts to go for the big ones! especially not the cobras!

Lots of whitewashed towns scattered everywhere..

Moroccan countryside (from our tour truck Asilah, the Gentle Body Tosser) not so gentle really...

One of the many views from our trek that nearly killed me..

Chefchouen in the Rif Mountains, a town full of blue buildings, photos dont really capture how beautiful it is!

Sal and Bonnie

Me and Lauren waiting for fajitas, mmm mexican!

An old church in Silves, southern Portugal (more of Portugal to come!)

This is what 2 for 1 pina coladas and free shots does to u!