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Ship, Balut and Reunions

Location: Asia - South East

These are some pics from my time on the Doulos in Malaysia and also in Cebu, Philippines.

22 Jul 2006, 1:26AM

Lovely ladies, Ginny and ol' ship mates

22 Jul 2006, 4:00AM

Travelling Team reunion on DOULOS in Malaysia. Ray you got one more jump pic with us :)

22 Jul 2006, 4:43AM

Drunk on life!! With a grown-up Hosanna McD.

22 Jul 2006, 6:00AM

Good to be among creatively, crazy friends!

3 Aug 2006, 10:12AM

OK OK, they said if I'm in the Philippines I have to try balut....

22 Jul 2006, 2:19AM

No wonder people kept saying they'd seen me on the ship in India (i wasn't on it)!! My twin?

23 Jul 2006, 6:50AM

Es Lu, my Flips cabin-mate :) Thanks for a great time in your beautiful country.

3 Aug 2006, 10:16AM

YEP! it's as bad as it looks...

27 Jul 2006, 8:47AM

Another birthday celebration for July babes with Jun Diaz!

28 Jul 2006, 11:46PM

Teaching kids in the Philippines.

31 Jul 2006, 5:22AM

Made some new friends along the way. No this is not England!

27 Jul 2006, 1:14AM

A happy Douloi renuion in Cebu :)