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Inspiring week in NW Thailand

Location: Sangklaburi, Thailand

This was really a resting time with God for me. I was not so busy with ministry rather observing the people and lifestyle in north-western Thailand. Blessed is a great word to describe my time here.

Our cool bedroom, they are so creative.

First me and a Filipino friend Cathy stayed in a lovely Guest House by a lake. I knew then that I was to REST this week :)

And to get there was always an adventure!

On one of many motorbike rides with pastors to see projects with kids in jungles.

Some of the kids we visited

My chaffeur! We went through many ruts and only once fell off the bike! haa haa, it was all in slow-motion like in a movie!

Their backyard!

Their parents are rubber plantation growers.

Their homes

So so cute..and lady-like!

This is real back-packing I reckon!

Once a refugee herself, Daisy now helps other refugees. Amazing woman!