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The Lion Park - Jo'burg

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Our fun day out at the Lion Park - and the naughtly little animals inside!

The naughtly little hyena that wouldn't leave Sue's skirt and ankles alone! Bless, it had the most gorgeous little face, but a terror! Was funny though!

The gorgeous talking, singing & purring cheetah.... she didn't want to have her pic taken though!

Have bag, will travel...... ! Yes, the red bag goes everywhere you know - lion inclosures too. See the white lions in the background - they have loads now, last time I went they just had tiny, tiny new cubs, their first. They've been busy!!

Look at that face - what funny moods they were in. Telling you now it was the weather - a Jo'burg storm was brewing and I swear cats get into funny moods when there's a storm.

No, we're not scared at all.... look how big he actually is! They were much smaller the last time I went (no, no, no they're not the same ones, I'm not that stupid!). Look how he's going for me, it's the bag I tell you, so sought after you know. Don't look at the cheesy 'oh my word' face I'm pulling!

I'll just lie here thank you - don't want to play - for now....

Beautiful but poor lonely leopard - all on her own, bless.

Aaaw... aren't they cute - when they're behaving. Lion cub and hyena cub playing together... when they weren't after skirts, ankles and handbags...

A bit blurry but worth a giggle - note I'm standing right BEHIND him and not in front.... not taking any chances.. (got to save the bag you know!).

These lot were more interested in what the guys next door were doing - sure they thought it was feeding time as the van was parked close by, and the food normally comes on the back of the van...

I am lion (cub) hear me roar.... how cute!

Just look at that face.... such a naughty mood.... don't think Sue stayed there for much longer afterwards, don't blame her!