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Antarctica 1

Location: Antarctica

Some snaps from our 10 day cruise down to Antarctica aboard the Ushuaia (named after the town where you depart from). Amazing trip and would recommend to anybody. Photos don´t do it justice.

11 Dec 2005, 9:16AM

Some Genkoo Penguins admiring the view

11 Dec 2005, 4:11AM

The Ushuaia trying to push through some pack ice.

Some Penguins running from Kel

11 Dec 2005, 4:23AM

Typical view at 4am - sun only sets for an hour, but it doesnīt get dark

11 Dec 2005, 9:53AM

Some Penguins practicing their jumping techniques

Hunting the baby Penguins

13 Dec 2005, 5:50PM

The poor Humpback had the flu

11 Dec 2005, 3:18PM


12 Dec 2005, 8:39AM

Elephant Seals practicing their fighting skills

13 Dec 2005, 5:51PM

Finally got the snap we were after

14 Dec 2005, 3:04PM

One of our Zodiacs dodging the iceburgs

12 Dec 2005, 8:46AM

We didnīt think the joke was THAT funny!