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Antarctica 2

Location: Antarctica

15 Dec 2005, 9:50AM

Even the Wedell Seals pick their noses

14 Dec 2005, 3:32PM

Some Adele Penguins admiring the view

13 Dec 2005, 10:16AM

Kelīs first snowman - constructed with help from Guy and Shannon

15 Dec 2005, 10:09AM

Wedell Seal

14 Dec 2005, 7:56AM

Typical morning view

14 Dec 2005, 9:06AM

The Paul Penguin Highway - designated to Paul the Penguin who died during construction

14 Dec 2005, 4:54PM

Leopard Seal after just devouring a Penguin

14 Dec 2005, 4:24PM

A Genkoo Penguin in the crystal clear water

15 Dec 2005, 8:48AM

Some Chinstrap Penguins admiring the view

14 Dec 2005, 5:06PM

Zodiac next to one of the many rather large iceburgs

14 Dec 2005, 12:46PM

Robīs afternoon snack. Cooked on deck in the Sub Zero temperatures. Letīs just say it gave a new meaning to the word Raw...

15 Dec 2005, 9:19AM

Rob trying to burn off the afternoon snack with some Wedell Seals in the background.