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Torres Del Paine - Chile

Location: Torres del Paine, Chile

Photos from the 4 day hike we did (full backpacks) around Chiles Torres del Paine National Park

25 Dec 2005, 7:41PM

The amazing Christmas Dinner view (Glacier Gray - the largest amount of ice outside of the poles)

25 Dec 2005, 12:09PM

The view from the catamaran on the way to start the walk - wish I had taken a sea sickness tablet!

28 Dec 2005, 10:42AM

View of Torres del Paine - it's hard to get perspective, but the peaks rise another 2000m from the lake

28 Dec 2005, 7:06AM

One of the tent sites where we spent the night

Some Guanaco (type of Llama)

30 Dec 2005, 2:16PM

Kelīs facial expression after Rob recommends a few more days of hiking!

The easy way up....