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Solar del Uluni - Page 1

Location: Salar del Uluni 01, Bolivia

Some snaps from our 4 day trip from Tapiza to Uluni.

3 Jan 2006, 5:15PM

Some of the local kids living up on the Altiplato

3 Jan 2006, 2:08PM

Flash flood just commencing. Moments after this photos, the valley was a raging river compliments of the thunderstorm upstream.

3 Jan 2006, 8:12PM

The sunset from our first nights camping at 4250m.

3 Jan 2006, 8:11PM

A huge storm rolling past our first night´s camping

Forgot name sorry (high altitude rabbit, with a tail). I think Grandfather rabbit was attracted to the local Possum.

4 Jan 2006, 8:08AM

Kel overlooking a Spanish (Ghost) Town with a 6000m Volcano in the background

4 Jan 2006, 2:33PM

Shortly after this snap, Schwarzenegger came running down the slope with his eyes popping out.

4 Jan 2006, 11:54AM

An Oasis at 4500m amid the desert of the surrounding Altiplato

4 Jan 2006, 4:49PM

Kel overlooking one of the Geysers

4 Jan 2006, 3:09PM

Rob and Kel enjoying a welcome Thermal Bath at 4800m.

4 Jan 2006, 5:09PM

The group at the worlds highest road pass (5000m) - from left, Rob, Nicholas, Will, Dean and Kel.

4 Jan 2006, 4:55PM

Our cook Isabella with the Geysers in the background.