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Salar del Uluni - Page 2

Location: Uluni, Bolivia

More photos from the salt lake tours - enjoy

5 Jan 2006, 8:55AM

More llamas enjoying the warm water and posing for a photo - not camera shy at all these animals!

3 Jan 2006, 12:32AM

Some Llamas enjoying the morning view and the warm water at Lagoon Colorado with another massive volcano in the background - they are everywhere up here

5 Jan 2006, 10:11AM

Rob standing on some unstable volcanic rock

3 Jan 2006, 12:50AM

Pink flamingoes flying in harmony while admiring their reflections.

3 Jan 2006, 8:43AM

A rival jeep following us across the altiplato. 6000m volcano sitting in the background

5 Jan 2006, 4:18PM

Hacky sack at 4200m (this is for you Sonia and Darren). 2 minutes later we were all gasping for air

6 Jan 2006, 7:50AM

Sunrise over the salt lake - which way is up!

5 Jan 2006, 9:53PM

One of the decapitated skeletons in the local catacombs

6 Jan 2006, 7:43AM

Cactus (some over 1200 years old) on Fish Island - we didnīt give them a hug.

6 Jan 2006, 7:59AM

The jeep (covered in Salt) enjoying a rest

6 Jan 2006, 1:16PM

Tour Group complete with jeep and a couple of ring ins! From the left: Rob, Dean, Nicholas, Kel and Will. In front Urel (tour guide) and Isabella (cook)

6 Jan 2006, 10:02AM

Compulsory salt lake photo - gosh Will is strong!