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Worlds Most Dangerous Road

Location: Death Road, Bolivia

This is not for the faint hearted - there are over 100 deaths a year but the scenery is almost worth the risk....

10 Jan 2006, 11:36AM

The lads trying to get around a truck with little to no room to spare

10 Jan 2006, 11:29AM

Nice little 80 deg drop off the road

10 Jan 2006, 11:58AM

How the locals travel up the death road - the truck at the front has a family sitting in the tray

10 Jan 2006, 11:48AM

Rounding one of the many blind bends

10 Jan 2006, 12:17PM

A jeep rounding a bend with a nice vertical drop to its left

10 Jan 2006, 12:00PM

Where we had lunch - there is a memorial designated to a female bike rider who died last year by flying off the ledge

10 Jan 2006, 2:28PM

A rather friendly parrot

10 Jan 2006, 1:34PM

Rob slightly dusty at the end of the ride

10 Jan 2006, 5:37PM

The way back up in the jeep. Visibility was down to less than 100m as we drove though the clouds with rather large cliffs and on-coming traffic to deal with

10 Jan 2006, 3:07PM

Some of the local wildlife near where we had lunch