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Jungle & Pampas tour - Page 1

Location: Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

The followng are the photos from the jungle and pampas tour we did in Bolivia.

12 Jan 2006, 2:06PM

We have all seen this on discovery channel - Leaf cutter ants busy at work

11 Jan 2006, 2:21PM

View from the plane showing the Amazon basin

12 Jan 2006, 7:43PM

Macaws taking a rest

12 Jan 2006, 4:50PM

Confusion after Matt and Rob created a road block for the ants! Kelly made them take it away.

12 Jan 2006, 6:44PM

Sunset in the jungle - we were now on crocodile look out

12 Jan 2006, 7:32PM

Arty shot by Rob showing the Macaws in full flight!

13 Jan 2006, 5:31PM

Baby chinchilla monkey - wonder if Aus customs will mind us smuggling it back in!

13 Jan 2006, 5:28PM

Cute Chinchilla monkey!

13 Jan 2006, 6:14PM

Our mosquito infested accommodation for 2 days

13 Jan 2006, 5:51PM

Cappuccino monkey swinging over the pampas

14 Jan 2006, 1:41PM

Enjoying the boat trip, with Rene our guide waving to the camera!

13 Jan 2006, 8:24PM

One of the many birds of prey in the pampas