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Jungle & Pampas Tour - Page 2

Location: Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

More photos from the trip

14 Jan 2006, 2:39PM

One of the many frogs hiding from the Anacondas

14 Jan 2006, 2:37PM

Kel, Nicky and Matt wading waist deep in the Anaconda infested swamp

14 Jan 2006, 3:22PM

Rob and Matt swimming with the Pink Dolphin“s. Apparently there weren't any Piranha's (and the crocs only fed during the night!) but that didn't ease the nerves

14 Jan 2006, 3:15PM

Pink Dolphin

14 Jan 2006, 4:26PM

Some of the billion unidentified birds that we saw

13 Jan 2006, 4:41PM

Crocodile lurking near our camp

14 Jan 2006, 5:56PM

From the left - Rene (guide), Kel, Rob, Nicky and Matt enjoying a cervaza and view at the sunset bar.

14 Jan 2006, 4:27PM

A prehistoric bird in the pampas - apparently they can only fly for 20 seconds before they drop out of the sky

15 Jan 2006, 9:54AM

First toucan to enter the camp site - not the one you see on the Fruit Loops box

15 Jan 2006, 8:25AM

A Leopard heron found wandering around the camp site.

16 Jan 2006, 1:56PM

View from a really hot walk of Rurrenabaque with swollen river due to all the rain

15 Jan 2006, 10:11AM

Second toucan to enter the camp site - is the one you see on the Fruit loop box!