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Lake Titicaca to Cusco

Location: Lake Titicaca, Peru

Even the Uros people have public telephones. Tried to call home but this seemed to be just past its limits

One of the many floating reed islands. They constently drift around Lake Titicaca

The protesters put large boulders and glass on the road to stop vehices from proceeding. All because they weren't happy with their Mayor...

19 Jan 2006, 11:40AM

Kel enjoying a relaxing cruise on a reed boat - good to finally see women doing work!!

The remains of the a 100m Inca church standing 14m tall.

The locals holding all the traffic up. Shortly after this snap a fight broke out amongst them. They let us continue on our journey once they had scribbled some graffity on our bus windscreen!!! Slightly childish, but they all loved it.

Some local ladies painstakingly making some rugs

Some huge silos used by the Incas. This site had over 300 of them.