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Location: Galapagos, Ecuador

A truly amazing place. You know the local wildlife rule when you are sitting on the beach and a Sea Lion comes up and makes you move so he/she can sit on your towel. Worth every penny you pay.

3 Feb 2006, 8:17AM

A male Blue Footed Booby flashing - the ladies love it

5 Feb 2006, 4:43PM

If only I had a match.....

3 Feb 2006, 3:21PM

Pink Flamingo

3 Feb 2006, 7:30AM

Some Blue Footed Boobies on the bleak volcanic landscape

1 Feb 2006, 1:24PM

Frigate bird in flight

3 Feb 2006, 8:09AM

A male Frigate bird trying to impress the ladies

2 Feb 2006, 9:02AM

The Red sand beach on Rabida Island

3 Feb 2006, 2:59PM

Our Zodiac heading back to Daphne

1 Feb 2006, 12:12PM

Kel taking a well earned break - it's tough looking at wildlife all day

31 Jan 2006, 6:53PM

Rob and Kel at their favourite possy on the boat

7 Feb 2006, 8:18AM

Kel next to a rather large Tortoise at the Darwin Centre

31 Jan 2006, 3:49PM

Local inhabitants on Isla Santa Cruz