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First photos from NZ

Location: Arrowtown, New Zealand

A few picures of us on Franz Josef Glacier and a couple of others taken in the last couple of days.

18 Jul 2005, 6:38AM

Squueezing through a small fissure in the ice, was pretty narrow and almost got stuck (no laughing!)

18 Jul 2005, 5:44AM

Amy at the bottom of our glacier climb, already looking pretty cold. Glacier is 27km sq so pretty large and we climbed up a large chunk of it (8 hrs walking in all).

18 Jul 2005, 8:35AM

At the highest point of the climb. Note me trying to look like a proper mountaineer with pick axe in hand (I nicked it off the guide for the photo!)

18 Jul 2005, 7:07AM

Amy and I in a small ice tunnel about half way up the glacier.

18 Jul 2005, 5:43AM

Our teeam heading up a rather slippery, steep climb, good job we had crampons on, or Amy would probbably have slid all the way back down on her arse! (She did quite a lot of this even with crampons on!)

18 Jul 2005, 10:02AM

Amy crossing a rather deep crevasse on a small plank of wood, scary at first when you look down, but not so after about 10 of these.

21 Jul 2005, 5:30AM

Me defying gravity at PuzzleWorld in Wanaka. Is an optical illusion as the steps are flat but the floors are angled, plays havoc with your balance.

20 Jul 2005, 6:10AM

Me in front of Lake Matheson. In the right hand corner you can see the peaks of Mount Tasman and Mount Cook, both in excess of 3000m high.

22 Jul 2005, 7:03AM

Amy feeding a couple of sheep and a lamb, had to include this as we have seen a lot of sheep!