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9 Photos from NZ

Location: New Zealand

A few photos from the last two weeks in New Zealand. Hope you like them!

25 Jul 2005, 7:44AM

Mountains coing straight out of the water in the Milford Sound, with waterfalls in the distance.

25 Jul 2005, 5:32AM

Bloody cold and wet on the way to Milford Sound. I know what you are thinking, where did he get that smart hat, must have set him back a few quid.

27 Jul 2005, 7:40AM

Amy will hit me for posting this one, she claims it shows her double chin! Gives you an idea how cold she is, coat, scarf and hood (I was wearing shorts, mind!).

25 Jul 2005, 8:25AM

Amy steering a 40 ton cruise boat through the Sound, I am not too sure how the other 50 passengers felt about it.

1 Aug 2005, 11:25AM

Me riding a Penny Farthing in Christchurch Museum.

25 Jul 2005, 10:06AM

Waterfalls and snow on the mountains in Milford.

3 Aug 2005, 9:51AM

Amy in the spa pools at Hanmer. This pool was about 39degrees, so really nice to get in to after freezing between the changing rooms and the pool.

28 Jul 2005, 3:22PM

Pouring myself beer during the Speights Brewery tour. Remarkably the more drinks I poured myself, the better I got at pouring them, or at least it seemed that way to me.

11 Aug 2005, 6:52AM

Me stood in front of a replica set of fossil Megaladon teeth (ancestor of the Great White Shark but three times bigger), at the National Aquarium in Napier.